Jun 11 2011

Your Weekend Acceler8or Tune: Refrigerator Heaven, Alice Cooper 1970


I’m freezing I’m freezing I’m icicle blue so low low cool
Cyber neurotic technicians imbue so low low cool
I’ve been admitted to refrigerator heaven until they discover a cure for cancer I’m low
Refrigerator heaven so low refrigerator heaven

I’m ice packed I’m hand stashed I’m waiting for you I’m older and younger preserved in a tomb
I’ve been admitted to refrigerator heaven I feel like I told on my heart
I won’t get back ’til the sun sets down on the moon
Won’t get back ’til my son sits down on the moon

  • By Leroy Vermilion, June 13, 2011 @ 9:59 am

    what? No comments for Alice Cooper,,genious of rock’n’ol’roll???….all the way,through….to the other side……go alice,,pass go…even…
    …we’play with alice’n’company…someday…

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