Transhumanism Against Scarcity: A Conversation with AnonymousSquared

By R.U. Sirius, posted on August 31, 2011

“… why should anyone want to participate in an infinite unending marketplace.  What kind of human being sees that as the ultimate goal?”   A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by AnonymousSquared — a fellow who had read somewhere that I was thinking about writing a book titled “Steal This Singularity.“ (I’ll be […]

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Can We Get An Automated Internet Radio Programming App That Doesn’t Assume We’re Lame?

By R.U. Sirius, posted on August 29, 2011

Consider the Pandora IPO.  A few months back this really crappy radio app got $2.6 billion! … the company must assume that we all want to hear those same six songs by our favorite artists over and over again. Taking a break from the usual far out futurism, psychedelic explorations and what have you…  and […]

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Cyber Security

Dillon Beresford and The Strange Case of the Stuxnet Worm

By Surf-D, posted on August 25, 2011

Cyber security has come front and center recently with the threat of the Guy Fawkes cyber attack on Facebook and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s warning about the use of Chinese-made software. Malicious hackers are everywhere these days, it seems. Dillon Beresford, a “good guy” hacker who works for security firm NSS Labs, demonstrated […]

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Atavism: Old is the New “New”

By Michael Garfield, posted on August 23, 2011

Sometimes, going forward means going backward.  After five hundred years of trying to transcend the physical world, humankind has begun to appreciate the innate genius of evolution’s distributed intelligence and put it to use in our modern lives. The name for this movement is “atavism,” the return to the ancestral.  It manifests in the local […]

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Combining Extreme Distrust and Spastic Bursts of Blind Faith… What New Edge Culture has to say about Today’s Schizophrenic Information Society

By Dorien Zandbergen, posted on August 22, 2011

“This magazine is about what to do until the millennium comes. We’re talking about Total Possibilities. Radical assaults on the limits of biology, gravity and time. The end of Artificial Scarcity. The dawn of a new humanism. Highjacking technology for personal empowerment, fun and games. Flexing those synapses! Stoking those neuropeptides! Making Bliss States our […]

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Artist Jasmin Lim Experiments With Visual Perception

By Nicole V. Gagne, posted on August 19, 2011

“I think of myself as an artist who experiments with photography,” asserts Jasmin Lim. She has produced an original and imaginative body of work to support that claim, going back to her days at the experimental Independent School of Art. A graduate of the Visual Arts program at San Francisco State University, Jasmin explores the […]

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Tools For Art Are Getting Smarter. So Come Out And Play

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on August 16, 2011’s the end of era where someone like me can claim to be an artist and expect that to actually mean “I can do something you can’t nyah nyah!”   I’m an excited succubus today. I just found the most wonderful new toy. And no, it’s not that. It’s this. Yes, I know, it’s an […]

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JT LeRoy & the Absolute Necessity of Persona

By R.U. Sirius, posted on August 15, 2011

Artist Jasmin Lim has created an installation about the JT Leroy affair at ATA (Artists Television Access). The right to pseudonymity  — and the right to contain and express a multiplicity of voices — is felt to be very precious within most on the expansive edge of transhumanist thought. But I don’t believe I’ve ever […]

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Happy Birthday To Me (Some Sirius Self Indulgence)

posted on August 11, 2011

Since it’s my birthday in many parts of the world (August 12), it’s time for a bit of self indulgence. So… A few of my favorite things by or about moi… Articles Introducing the Mondo 2000 History Project, 10 Zen Monkeys, June 8, 2010 Senator Vitter’s Suppressed Statement, 10 Zen Monkeys, July 2007 California Cults […]

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How to Not Need the Male, Eating Where You Shit & Other Platitudes

By Shumpie Divington, posted on August 9, 2011

I’m one of those people who cannot look at someone without imagining sex with that someone.  Having the misfortune of being mostly heterosexual with said proclivity, this can present egregious problems in a work environment. I currently occupy an office of 7 lawyers (6 male, one female spouse) 1 accountant (male), and 4 female paralegals/assistants/receptionists […]

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