The Impatience (And Genius) Of Jobs: An Interview with Walter Isaacson

By RU Sirius, posted on November 29, 2011

I never felt a particularly intense curiosity about the life and personality of Steve Jobs until the night he died.  Oh sure, he was a sort of hip entrepreneur from the baby boom, so there was always a glimmer of interest — somewhat along the same lines as the vague interest I would have in the life […]

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My Father Didn’t Have To Die: Transgender Technophile Says Goodbye To Dad

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on November 27, 2011

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I am sad to say that I did not. My day started out with my mother calling and telling me my father had died early thanksgiving morning. I was so utterly shocked that the only thing I could think to say was “I’m sorry to hear that.”  My […]

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Of Leather Wasps and the Inevitable Sex Component: Cyberpunk Heroines in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Other Fiction

By Sasha Mitchell, posted on November 23, 2011

“Damaged, cyberpunk heroine”, “bisexual cyberpunk avenger”, “horny, cyberpunk hacker”… these are your Google results for Lisbeth + Salander + Cyberpunk, as featured in film reviews courtesy of Movieline, Telegraph, and the increasingly horny and irrelevant Rolling Stone (not a fan of the latter, sue me.) But I am a fan of la protagonista cyberpunk, that […]

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It Was 48 Years Ago Today

posted on November 22, 2011

In honor of the 48th anniversary of the assassination of JFK — the mother of all conspiracy theories — Craig Baldwin’s amazing trailer for the hilarious and brilliant Tribulation 99.

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The Latest from CERN: Did Einstein Blunder?

By Surf-D, posted on November 20, 2011

In late September 2011, scientists at France’s National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics Research and Italy’s Gran Sasso National Laboratory fired a beam of neutrinos 454 miles (730 kilometers) underground from Geneva to Italy. Their preliminary results suggested that it traveled 60 nanoseconds faster than light. The researchers, part of the OPERA collaboration, have […]

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Can You Handle Dick For Almost 2 Hours?

posted on November 18, 2011

Philip K Dick with Charles Platt

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The 3D Chips Are Down… Sort Of

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on November 15, 2011

If you’ve been reading about the electronics industry recently, you’ve probably heard about Intel announcing that it was going to begin making all new transistors in 3 dimensions back in May. It was recently discussed by IEEE Spectrum, and a very good history of the transistor is covered. Even Kurzweil is claiming that his prediction for […]

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Eyes Never Sleep: Occupying Singularity

By Woody Evans, posted on November 13, 2011

1. Teevee Light We live in a post-panopticon culture, and everybody’s watching.  Occupiers watch bankers, bankers watch farmers.  Farmers watch their crops in infrared. We all watch: that’s the active media myth we see played out daily.  The same basketball game, the same GigaOM Post, the same Funny or Die short, the same #hashtag:  we are […]

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Crazy Ass 11-11-11 Bullshit From The Pleiadian Council Of Light

posted on November 11, 2011

OK you awakened ex-zombies…

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Occupy Facebook

By James Kent, posted on November 8, 2011

Even though the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to dozens of cities and has become a global movement, there is a nagging sense that camping in the streets isn’t making much of an impact on the people who actually control the money and power. Once upon a time money and power was consolidated into […]

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