Recipes for Reptile Brains: A Review of The Art Of Transformation by Newt Gingich & Nancy Desmond

By Sporatticus Mensch, posted on January 31, 2012

I should have stopped reading Salamander Gangrene’s The Art of Transformation (2006) at page 1.  Ah, but I’m using the author’s alternate reality name.  In consensus, he’s a fat piece of shit named Newt, last name Grinch, I mean Gingrich, I mean Gristle (as in, ‘full of’). Nevernewt Glockenspiel.  Norbewtal Grointoninch.  Fatty Fatty Dick-Breath. Or, […]

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Robert Anton Wilson Talks To Reality Hackers Forum (1988 — Mondo 2000 History Project Entry #4)

By R.U. Sirius & Ian Monroe, posted on January 29, 2012

By 1988, High Frontiers was a somewhat more smoothly functioning operation.  We’d given up — for the moment — on trying to get out more than 2 issues a year, but we were running a very dynamic and well attended local lecture/community gathering series called Reality Hackers Forum at Julia Morgan Theater in Berkeley, putting […]

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DMT: The Spirit Molecule Hits Big On Netflix

By R.U. Sirius, posted on January 27, 2012

DMT: The Spirit Molecule has made it onto Netflix Instant.  What can this possibly mean?  Will lots of people be looking for DMT?  Will somebody make some? Will Newt Gingrich speak out about alien architectures and machine elves?  Pro or con?    

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Pariahs Made Me Do It: The Leary-Wilson-Warhol-Dali Influence (Mondo 2000 History Project Entry #3)

By R.U. Sirius, posted on January 24, 2012

 As I close in on the evolution of Mondo 2000 History Project book content to the point where I have to consider what the final thing will be — it becomes clear that it will be about 1/3 collective memoir; 1/3 my memoir and 1/3 scrapbook.  The challenge is to have all of it somehow fitting […]

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Le Future According To Val Part 2: Consequences

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on January 22, 2012

If you recall in my last section, I discussed how I see the human race as being driven by instincts that cause us to form societies and then compete within those societies for “sex rights” by the creation of pecking orders. I also discussed how many of the technologies I have covered over the last […]

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Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme Supports Free Ponies!

By R.U. Sirius, posted on January 20, 2012

I have not heard a damn thing from the other candidates regarding ponies and I want mine!   

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Ash, Rain, Athens: So Goddamn Tired And Over It

By Woody Evans, posted on January 19, 2012

From Go, it felt like we were working retrograde.  Azimuth spun south, drifted like a bad left eye.  Dubai to Doha; Doha to Athens; Athens to Navplio; Navplio to less-posh parts further down the coast road — way on down past flooded gravel lots; a botched and now-dead railhead; & The Derti Club… on to […]

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The Internet is a little darker today

By Ian Monroe, posted on January 18, 2012

Today, Wikipedia, Reddit, and a host of other sites across the internet have gone dark to protest the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA  (the PROTECT IP Act) bills worming their way through the legislature here in the US. Both bills enable not just government censorship of the internet, but censorship initiated by the […]

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Le Future According To Val, Part One: When Technologies Meet, Interact, and Things Go Boom.

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on January 16, 2012

So here we are in the year 2012, which far too many people predict will be the year the world ends. Some believe in cosmic disaster; some believe aliens will make contact; some believe “God” will “return” and magically wipe away everyone who doesn’t believe “the right things”. All of them share a single common […]

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Remote Control: The Interactivity Myth

By R.U. Sirius, posted on January 13, 2012

As I quietly (now, less quietly) prepare to integrate my Mondo 2000 History Project into Acceler8or for 2012, I present former Mondo Managing Editor and author of our “Slacker Factor” column, Andrew Hultkrans reading something corrosive to a room full of marketing professionals. With a little effort, you can find the rest of the panel […]

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