Guidestones: Raymond Wiley Meditates Megalithic

By Woody Evans, posted on February 28, 2012


Raymond Wiley, long time occult podcaster and editor at The Disinformation Company, talks about the Georgia Guidestones — about which he has just written a book with KT Prime.  The opening of the introduction to Wiley’s website reads: “The Georgia Guidestones are a collection of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. Built in 1980, they are […]

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Rub Out The Words: The Letters Of William S. Burroughs (1959 – 1974)

By Sasha Mitchell, posted on February 26, 2012

Edited and Introduced by Bill Morgan Dear Brion, Enclosed please find money I don’t necessarily need to be bequeathing other nabors but anyway human philanthropy is illusion or so says the Artificial Organism Society.  Erections stimulated when electroencephalography waves aimed directly at the hypothalamus are apparently lesser productions than those in your pants fun and […]

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Next Week You’re Gonna Party Like It’s 2029

posted on February 24, 2012

There’s a movement afoot to make March 1 a holiday — Future Day.  Should be hot!   Here’s Ben Goertzel, the father of Future Day, talking about it:  

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Immodest Disposal

By James Kent, posted on February 21, 2012

In times such as these, when educated people are called upon to propose radical solutions to the most extreme of our modern dilemmas, it is of no use proposing solutions that solve only one problem at a time. We must look to solutions that solve all of our problems at once; solutions that are cheap […]

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LSD, The CIA, & The Counterculture Of The 1960s: Martin Lee (1986, Audio. Mondo 2000 History Project Entry #6

By R.U. Sirius & Ian Monroe, posted on February 19, 2012

Some time in 1986, I walked into Cody’s Books in Berkeley and saw a book on prominent display titled Acid  Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond by Martin Lee and Bruce Schlain.   Containing an impulse to start dancing around the aisles, I grabbed a copy and bought it. […]

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Happy Stupid Holiday Weekend! Jonathan Coulton’s The Presidents Song

posted on February 17, 2012

George Washington…  Abraham Lincoln… whatever the political realities, they’re American icons to be conjured with.  But President’s Day?  For your holiday weekend pleasure, Jonathan Coulton’s The President’s Song, written in 2005.

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Cyberpunk SF/Mathematics Legend Rudy Rucker’s “Nested Scrolls”: An Interview

By R.U. Sirius, posted on February 14, 2012

Both the funniest and the most scientific of cyberpunk SF’s fab four, Rudy Rucker’s autobiography Nested Scrolls is a laid back groove, in the best sense. It’s funny, real, a bit off center… yet friendly and so thoroughly engaging that I was sorry that it ended.  Maybe Rudy could live another life so that he […]

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There Are Big Differences Between 3d Printing & VR

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on February 12, 2012

Recently, Christoper Mims over at Technology Review wrote a piece and noted that he used the opening graphic from my H+ article (Adding Our Way to Abundance) which makes me wonder if he’s directing this article at me about how he is sure that 3d printing will go the way that VR did back in the […]

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CPAC Opening Ceremony

posted on February 9, 2012

CPAC — the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Yesterday’s opening celebration

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Smart Drugs & Nutrients In 1991 (Mondo 2000 History Project Entry #5)

By R.U. Sirius, posted on February 6, 2012

By 1991, smart drugs and nutrients were all over the media with articles appearing in the New York Times and Vanity Fair; segments on network news shows both local and national and pitchmen-and-women going on afternoon talk shows to tout their efficacy (and, of course, Pearson and Shaw had been semi-regulars on The Mike Douglas […]

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