NeoPsychedelia & High Frontiers: Memes Leading To MONDO 2000 (MONDO 2000 History Project Entry #21)

By R.U. Sirius & Jeff Mark (& Others), posted on June 28, 2012

  “The rising popularity of MDMA and other designer psychedelics. The developing scene around intelligence drugs and nutrients. The psychedelic roots of Apple computers.  The psychedelic garage rock phenomena that was mostly focused in L.A.  Even recent releases by Prince and Talking Heads…” Yet another excerpt from the upcoming book, Use Your Hallucinations: Mondo 2000 […]

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My Life As An Ambien Zombie

By Damon Orion, posted on June 27, 2012

  One scribe’s misadventures with Ambien, the world’s freakiest sleep medication.   Drawings and paintings copyrighted Damon Orion, based on his Ambien Visions. Use prohibited without permission. All my life. Right from the word go. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing exactly what I’m doing right now — lying on my […]

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The Counterculture Is Better In The Suburbs

By Rachel Haywire, posted on June 25, 2012

  The first time I was ever in San Francisco it blew my mind. It was a city of freethinkers and artists who were “on the level” and “got it.” Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept that I was born in South Florida. The isolation and alienation was so severe that I literally believed […]

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Give Tents A Chance: The Learys & The Lennon/Onos Chat In 1969

By R.U. Sirius, posted on

photo by Stephen Sammons   The folks over at  the Leary Archives have just posted a fascinating historical document, a transcription of a conversation between Timothy and Rosemary Leary and John Lennon and Yoko Ono that took place during the Lennon/Ono’s famous “Bed-In For Peace” in Toronto, during which Lennon and surrounding friends recorded “Give […]

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The Belladonna Shaman (Mondo 2000 History Project Entry #20)

By R.U. Sirius, posted on June 22, 2012

  “I vomited some of it, but still managed to keep most of it down. After watching me, the rest of the gang decided to take only half a tablespoon. I learned an invaluable lesson in drug experimentation that would stay with me for life: never go first.”   A segment from the MONDO 2000 prehistory part of the […]

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Prometheus: Cautionary Tale About Seeking Immortality?

By Tristan Gulliford, posted on June 19, 2012

Ridley Scott’s prequel set in the Alien universe, the detailed and evocative Prometheus, delivers a science fiction narrative rife with mythological and philosophical implications beyond the standard big budget sci-fi fare, a story that presents fringe speculations about the influence of alien contact with the origins of the human species and offers serious questions about […]

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The John Henry Fallacy

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on June 17, 2012

If you are familiar with American Folklore, you probably recall the story of John Henry. He was a steel driver in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. If you don’t know what that means, it basically means he drove steel wedges into rocks to cut through them for railroads. John Henry was supposedly the […]

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Ben Franklin Discovered Electricity 260 Years Ago Today

posted on June 15, 2012

It was 260 years ago, that Franklin flew his kite.  In 1958, the modern day Lego was patented.  Put those 2 things together and you’ve got this.

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The New Edge At The New Age Convention (MONDO 2000 History Project Entry #19)

By R.U. Sirius, posted on June 12, 2012

  The origins of the term “New Edge” may be under contestation.  I recall John Perry Barlow claiming the coinage and I’m sure Mondo Publisher Queen Mu has claimed it as well.   I think maybe Morgan Russell has also claimed it.  I have a fairly strong impression that its first usage was in Mondo […]

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The Final Countdown: Why Are We So Fascinated With The End Of The World?

By Damon Orion, posted on June 10, 2012

To this day, you’ll hear people say that the film Psycho has left them permanently afraid to take showers, or that they’re still terrified of the ocean because of Jaws. But no tale of terror has made a longer-lasting impression on American minds than the New Testament’s Book of Revelation. Nearly 2,000 years after John […]

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