Jun 24 2011

The First Virtual Reality Song? (1976)

""){ ?> By Acceler8or


Up every evening ’bout half eight or nine/I give my complete attention/to a very good friend of mine/He’s quadraphonic/he’s got more channels/So hologramic, oh my TVC15

I brought my baby home/She sat around forlorn/She saw my TVC15/My baby’s gone/She crawled right in, oh my/She crawled right in my/So hologramic, oh my TVC15/Oh, so demonic/oh my TVC15

Maybe if I pray every/each night I sit there pleading/”Send back my dream test baby/She’s my main feature”/My TVC15/He just stares back unblinking/So hologramic, oh my TVC15

One of these nights I may just/Jump down that brain all the way/Be with my baby there/We’ll spend some time together/So hologramic/Oh my TVC15/My baby’s in there someplace/Pulsating in the sky/So hologramic, oh my TVC15