Oct 19 2012

Your Friday MONDO: Brain Nuggets From High Frontiers #3 — 1987 (MONDO 2000 History Project Entry #35

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More pull quotes… this time from High Frontiers issue #3 for you to chew over

HF: What’s it like being God? Rosalie Blue: It’s like Doonesbury suddenly getting up off the paper and seeing that he’s always been flat.


They had to have a new domestic enemy and, of course, drugs are the perfect scapegoat. People that use drugs tend to be dissident.  Timothy Leary


… they were working on a combination L-dopa/parlodel on Parkinson’s patients in their 70s and 80s. The old ladies and old men started fucking like fiends. Durk Pearson


The human brain is… 50,000 years out of date. It evolved in a nontechnological world where the basic tasks were hunting, gathering, agriculture…   Anonymous Unit


The machines produce immediate effects. I don’t think that… they are as powerful and noticeable as the effects you might get from a chemical dose. Michael Hutchison


In the electronics field, when you put something out, you are protected only by your speed in putting the next thing out. Lee Felsenstein


Fringe scientists are interested in time travel, telepathy, psychokinesis, tantric sex, hypnosis, psychedelic drugs, wild card models of mind, God and universe… Nick Herbert


You turn on the ecstasy channel. Turn on the metaphysical revelation channel.  Stefan G.


…the evolution of intelligent systems,… the interplay… of the organic and post-organic… the incorporation of a lot of non-flesh, non-carbon implants and explants and fusions.  F.M. Esfandiary


“You know, Lisa. I’ve heard Fidel likes pretty blondes. I wonder how he’d react to a good aphrodisiac?” Nan C. Druid


The left handed America over to the far right by embracing a philosophy of entropy — the “era of limitations”; “Muddling Towards Frugality”; “Small Is Beautiful.” R.U. Sirius


I can see an orderly evolutionary progress that is mutually interdependent, harmonious, interactive. Michael Nesmith


With any drug, it’s good to experiment with it rather than depend on it.  Do it 2 or 3 or 4 times and then get rid of it.  Jello Biafra


In the fifth “chant,”… Lautreamont refers explicitly to the spider’s magnetic spell over his cerebro-spinal nervous system… and… refers to this spider… as a tarantula.  Queen Mu


Psychedelics… it’s like going out to the frontier if you want to romanticize it. It’s like sticking your hand in the incinerator if you don’t.  Paul Kantner


As a dominatrix, I prefer to control my material.  Diamanda Galas


I’ve already passed Dylan.  Dylan and all the musicians in the world will all come to me in the end.  Sky Saxon


I was given betel nut… and I got stoned and danced all day around these skulls and bones with the natives. Tom Robbins


Inscrutable as an aztec mummy in a brown 1940’s suit and porkpie hat, Burroughs sits off to one side of the speakers’ table. Mary Mazocco


Certain biologic mutations would definitely be necessary in order to inhabit space… a skeleton… it’s an encumbrance where weight is an essential factor.  William S. Burroughs


All over the world, in the evolution of human consciousness, there is a reemergence of the immanence of the feminine principle. Luisah Tiesh


I’m glad I live now. It’s like living in Heaven and Hell simultaneously. It’s the cloud of total unknowing. Joan Halifax


Can you tell me what the master control program is? It’s the current consensus reality… which doesn’t believe in users. And who are the users? John Lilly


Now the government aims at banning states of consciousness rather than  controlled substances. Peter Stafford & Bruce Eisner


Some people take drugs and get apparently nothing out of it. NOTHING! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT HAPPENS TO THEM! Jeremy Tarcher


Why is embodiment such a temporary, painful and sloppy sort of solution?  Gracie


What one perceives under the influence of tryptamine hallucinogens is the fractal nature of the self.  Terence McKenna