The Great Consciousness Swindle: Why Philosophers Will Never Find Consciousness, And Why They Secretly Don’t Want To

By James Kent, posted on Nov 14, 2012

As someone who writes regularly on aspects of the brain and consciousness, I have recently received a large amount of correspondence from people wondering what I think about a news article linking consciousness to quantum gravity in cellular microtubules, and how this model could offer “proof” of the soul’s ability to survive outside the body […]

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Encouraging Developments In Quadcopters (w. Lots Of Video)

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on Nov 11, 2012

As I was doing my daily random browsing of interesting links, I came across a very interesting article by Mark Bruce, one of my regular readers and commenters, which had a huge list of links related to quadcopters and other “drones” that covered a very broad range of advances over the last couple of years. […]

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First Glimpse Of MONDO 2000 History Project Archives: Complete Issue #1 Of High Frontiers (MONDO 2000 History Project Entry #39)

By R.U. Sirius, posted on Nov 09, 2012

The following is a rough draft excerpt from Chapter Six — titled “Funky Punky Acid Rag” of the book in progress, Use Your Hallucinations: MONDO 2000 In Late 20th Century Cyberculture along with a link to the first glimpse of the MONDO 2000 History Project archives, being organized by the Internet Archive. We did a […]

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Why Am I Here? Notes On Getting A Second Life

By Valkyrie Ice, posted on Nov 07, 2012

“Why am I here?” I asked myself for the twentieth time in the last hour. I felt like a fool.  Why had I allowed Shasta to talk me into this?  An idle fantasy?  A chance to escape the humdrum daily grind and allow myself the freedom of just being myself?  This was crazy.  It was […]

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Upcoming Humanity Plus Conference On Writing — An Interview With Natasha Vita-More

By R.U. Sirius, posted on Nov 04, 2012

Humanity Plus is sponsoring a conference on “Writing The Future” in San Francisco on December 1 – 2.  Among those presenting are Aubrey de Grey, Natasha Vita-More, Jamais Casio, Ben Goertzel, Max More, Sonia Arrison and David Brin.  Oh, and me.  I’m looking forward to it. I interviewed Natasha Vita-More, Chairman of Humanity Plus, about […]

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Your Friday MONDO: Brain Nuggets from Reality Hackers #5 –1988 (MONDO 2000 History Project Entry #37)

By R.U. Sirius, posted on Nov 02, 2012

Pull quotes from Reality Hackers #5 (the follow up to High Frontiers #4)   …a vast molten core of the phantastical and absurd, an Agartha or never-neverland of the imagination where oxymorons walk hand in glove with palpable metaphors.  R.U. Sirius & Queen Mu   …cut the shit. Listen, if there’s a breakthrough in the grey room, […]

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