Jun 11 2011

Your Weekend Acceler8or Tune: Refrigerator Heaven, Alice Cooper 1970

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I’m freezing I’m freezing I’m icicle blue so low low cool
Cyber neurotic technicians imbue so low low cool
I’ve been admitted to refrigerator heaven until they discover a cure for cancer I’m low
Refrigerator heaven so low refrigerator heaven

I’m ice packed I’m hand stashed I’m waiting for you I’m older and younger preserved in a tomb
I’ve been admitted to refrigerator heaven I feel like I told on my heart
I won’t get back ’til the sun sets down on the moon
Won’t get back ’til my son sits down on the moon

  • By Leroy Vermilion, June 13, 2011 @ 9:59 am

    what? No comments for Alice Cooper,,genious of rock’n’ol’roll???….all the way,through….to the other side……go alice,,pass go…even…
    …we’play with alice’n’company…someday…

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