Mar 20 2012

Calling All Dreamers

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Our time is NOW. We are approaching the age where all dreams come true. Now is the time to show our strength. Now is the time to rise up!


  • The abolition of Black slavery (equal rights for Blacks). Defeatists said “no” but dreamers said “yes”.
  • Votes for women. Defeatists said “no” but dreamers said “yes”.
  • Putting a man on the Moon. Defeatists said “no” but dreamers said “yes”.
  • Curing cancer. Defeatists say “no” but dreamers say “yes”.
  • Creating Artificial Intelligence. Defeatists say “no” but dreamers say “yes”.
  • Immortality and eternal youth via regenerative medicine (Stem Cells etc). Defeatists say “no” but dreamers say “yes”.

Like water, we must flow past the pessimism of defeat, we must flow past the negativity of defeatist people who say “no”, we must share our dreams regarding how everything in the future will be free. We must tell the world “YES”… yes, the future will be amazing. It will be mind-blowing. Everything will be free. Many things will change in the future but the change of everything being free is one of the more radical changes, which people need to become aware of.

Many people have not heard about 3D-printers, or they don’t fully comprehend what 3D-printers are capable of, therefore they cannot imagine how 3D-printers will become ultra-efficient. In the future everyone will have a printer able to print anything with nanoscale precision. See what 3D-printers can do today.

See how technology is continually moving towards greater energy efficiency.

All areas of technology are becoming more efficient. We are continually receiving greater rewards for the amounts of energy we put in. Imagine everything being automated and self-repairing. Imagine everyone having their own super-advanced ultra-efficient 3D-printer, which prints food, robots, or any other item you desire. IBM expects to create sugar-cube sized supercomputers running on low-power sometime around the year 2021. In the year 2012, mechanical hearts are possible; what will be possible in the future?

In 2031, it’s not unrealistic to imagine microscopic or nanoscopic supercomputer-robots able to repair our bodies, able to “print” anything, able to harvest energy.

Peter Diamandis, in his book Abundance, (co-authored with Steven Kotler) explains that aluminum was very expensive in the 1840s because it was difficult to extract aluminum from the earth. Aluminum was more expensive than gold or silver, but as technology progressed, the extraction process became very efficient, therefore the prices decreased dramatically: http://youtube/UUWqLo_OSIk

New ideas are problematic because humans typically experience difficulty opening their minds to new ideas. If something has never happened before, people are likely to think it is impossible.

Science and technology are progressing extremely quickly. Though this progress will only become faster, the majority of people vastly underestimate the explosive power of Artificial Intelligence. Do the research. You are entering a time where dreams will come true very easily. The struggle to make everything free is easy compared to the historic struggles regarding the Suffragettes and Black equality.

Dreamers with the imagination to see how things can be different are in the minority, which is sad, because our world is a vastly better place with dreams. Thankfully, there is a solution. You can become a future dreamer. You can dream of our future perfection where dreams will soon become real. Everyone can open their minds to the limitless possibilities of the future. Simply accept the possibility of everything being free by year 2045. Accepting the possibility is the first step, and then you can begin to accept the inevitability. Join the Post-Scarcity Warriors.

  • By Pseudomancer, March 23, 2012 @ 9:19 pm

    I’m with ya, brother. Let’s dream big!

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