Mar 02 2012

William Burroughs For R.U. Sirius’ New World Disorder (1990, Mondo 2000 History Project Entry # 7)

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Oh, we’ve been on a Burroughs  rampage lately… so here’s a short clip of uncle Bill or someone like him promoting a special show titled “New World Disorder” hosted by R.U. Sirius and produced by Don Joyce of Negativland  that was broadcast on KPFA in Berkeley in 1991.  The show was in response to Operation Desert Storm and featured (fake?) hacker Michael Synergy and Mark Pauline of Survival Research Labs fame more or less threatening real damage to the war machine amidst much oddness, hilarity and bullshit…  and bullshit… maybe some bullshit, also.

But it was fun… and an audio cassette of the whole thing was sold through Mondo 2000.  Because there was a lot of room left over on side B of the cassette, we added to the sound track the segment in Don’t Look Back  in which Bob Dylan subjects a very square British science student to some surrealistic ridicule and the theme song for Barbarella, which was funny because it was nonsensical… or so we thought, anyway.

Listen now:

Listen to the audio now:


Download the New World Disorder Radio Show Promo (mp3)