Jun 03 2012

Stuck In A Warhole?


We have entered a new era in which sincerity is a social handicap. Taking this to the extreme we can conclude that irony has replaced meaning and that substance has turned into a joke.

It is easy to blame Postmodernism but we must remember that Postmodernism evolved through Deconstructionism. It is actually the abuse of Postmodernism that has brought forth the collapse of the genuine.

One may argue that there is no longer anything genuine and state that zombie flash mobs are a reflection of modern day society. Bearing resemblance to an Onion article we are socialized into meta-commentary that is unaware of its own pop-irony and vapid attempt at subversion.

I like to call this phenomena “being stuck in a warhole” giving a nod to Andy Warhol and his social experiments. Warhol was a pioneer in the instigation of humans-as-art. People who do not realize that they are merely a piece in a puzzle of social art are stuck in the warhole of pop-irony. They are the grand entertainment and have not become aware of this.

Rather than viewing a club night as a club night people have come to view club nights as canvases that collectively paint themselves into a hilarious joke. It is reality television without the television show being official.

Nothing upsets me more than to see a passionate artist stuck in a warhole because they are so focused on their work that they don’t realize they are merely a subject for jaded intellectuals.

Let sincerity become the new irony. It is time to climb out of our collective warhole.