Nov 02 2012

Your Friday MONDO: Brain Nuggets from Reality Hackers #5 –1988 (MONDO 2000 History Project Entry #37)


Pull quotes from Reality Hackers #5 (the follow up to High Frontiers #4)


…a vast molten core of the phantastical and absurd, an Agartha or never-neverland of the imagination where oxymorons walk hand in glove with palpable metaphors.  R.U. Sirius & Queen Mu


…cut the shit. Listen, if there’s a breakthrough in the grey room, you guys are leading the charge.  Letters to the Editor, Art Wand


Repeated experiments… have proven that stimulation can actually cause the brain to physically grow  Jay Cornell

Influencing the brain with chemicals is a tricky business… Chemicals are hard to synthesize, hard to control, have unwanted side effects… and are mostly illegal…  Jay Cornell

…in computer-generated artificial realities… their rules of operation — the laws governing change through time… are as mutable as their immediate form.  Timothy Leary & Eric Gullichsen

The yuppies at surrounding tables look on with strained nonchalance as Hitler lubes his distended engine of procreation.  Morgan Russell

…the 1990s is going to be the decade of psychoactive soft drinks. Durk Pearson

The neuropeptide system and the as-yet-inactive genomes that can release new neuropeptides are the key to future evolution.  Charles Musaios

Any kid on a caper could blow up the whole thing. It's too late!  Andrija Puharich

To picture Gödel’s solution, imagine an infinite universe lightly sprinkled with a fog of matter.  Nick Herbert